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Thread: Defense vs Health

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    Defense vs Health

    I ask what is the difference? I am a defense player!

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    Okay, you're asking a tactics question and I am soooo not the person to answer this

    I will tell you what I know to be true. Health plays an effect that does not get noticeably accounted for when you're testing stats.

    I will try and get a better answer for you, but I know that health is an essential part of attacking and defending (has to play into the 200 rounds being fought). Let me see what else I can find out for ya and get back to you on this.


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    Thanks, I see that I can get health or defense. Iím under the impression they are but the same any info greatly appreciated! My talent set up for defense only.

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    I could be wrong but I believe health is how much ability your units have to absorb hits. Defence however reduces the amount of health lost on each attack on your units within a battle.

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    Ron, I'm gonna go with your answer. I asked a number of too players last night and the consensus: we don't know, but we know health plays an increasingly important role the more power you build.


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    Okay, addendum:

    Explanation on Defense vs Health

    Defence is like the strength of the shield of the units the higher the harder it is for enemy to break past and start killing troops.

    Health is like the stamina of them troops, the higher the stamina the longer they last (I.e., More rounds they can fight and hold the defence shield). It’s a very fine balancing act.

    Without a good defence shield, enemy will hurt your troops no matter the health and without health no mater how strong the shield they won’t last the rounds and hence you will lose more troops.

    *Info courtesy of a well informed whale

    Hope this helps! I know it's helped me a lot haha


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Gtreat answer Pharm

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    Thanks, James, but it's a copy and paste. The only credit I can take is bugging enough well informed ppl til I got an answer that I found comprehensive


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    I've been trying to figure this out. I'm running 12 lvl 22 garages and 2 lvl 22 armories. I haven't maxed medals quite yet. My total health is 119 plus my heli health gives me 235. I hold my own on tiles right now. My heli def is 490. If I swapped 10 garages for armories, I'd drop to 220 health, but have 515 def. Not sure if it is worth it.

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    Yeah so that's basically what I meant

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