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Thread: New update

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    New update

    So I was reading big the update news today and they was saying 7000 diamonds on a update what does this mean.

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    It means that instead of giving you 7000 diamonds so you could choose what youíd like to use them for, theyíll give you items worth 7k dimes, in their opinion, that you most likely wouldnít spend any diamonds on.

    Btw. The update did not fix the guild chat issue. According to tapís standard answer..itís not a tap issue, itís most likely my terrible iPhone or my terrible WiFi. Sarcasm intended

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    Hi James, I know chat issues have resurfaced. I have passed this info along to tap.


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    This update sucks! Email says I have mail when i donít. Sandtables cut off, didnít display officer! You send message to tap they give you a oh my bad sorry. They need to own it and make things right for us. I asked to be Compensated, and rank my officer one level. Iím sure I will get a lame excuses. Time to invest in new game. Sorry but going to change my review for a game that donít get supported. All about the money for them.

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    LOL you must be pretty new. Tap is definitely about the money and the lack of support. Pharm does what he can, but he can only relay our problems to the ones who really make the decisions.

    And yes Pharm, gc is sticky. Still having trouble logging in at times ótakes multiple tries.

    Still looking all over map for these supposed strange new buildings. Have t found a single one yet. Wish tap would just fix the game as it is instead of constantly adding new features ófeatures that just seem to create more problems lol

    Takes years to build things and years to research things yet the rules and gameplay change monthly. Does this really make sense tap?

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    Pharm is not a he

    Tap is aware of the issue about the mail. I think that got fixed. There was a posting in Game FAQ about it. Same post also mentioned that strange buildings won't be out this update


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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