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Thread: Defense setup

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    Defense setup

    So right now I have 8 garages, 2 mints and 5 armory’s is my setup right. I can garage 266,000 troops?

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    Depends. I am running 10 garages, 4 mints and 1 armory. Can garage 610,000 when commander is set appropriately.
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    Yes, line him ^ I am not strong with tactics


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    I have 9 garages 2 armory and 4 mint I hold 360 in garage but I also use the reinforcement commander and that allows me to have 1.7 mil reinforcement if you are making a trap base this works great. (Heli def focus)

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    Also once you have your reinforcement using that commander you can then change to a different defense commander and still hold those extra reinforcements.
    Need an answer fast. Add me on Line. Username is YTown

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    If you are building your main fighting base only use one mint and one armory, the rest garages. As you get bigger you can switch garages for armories. I am 1.1B power and still have 12 lvl 22 garages. I also keep about 4m t1 of my def unit as a meat shield. Right now I'm trying to decide if I swap more garages for is hard to give up health when I do so many camp battles.

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