So I have been struggling a while to understand this so im outsourcing or crowdsourcing some help for better understanding..

Its easy to understand that in troop production and research production its based on a sort of diminished returns type boost. Where 100% means 50% reduction and 200% means 75% reduction so on and so forth however its very difficult to understand how the battles are even calculated. I cannot seem to make any sense of it.

Currently you have boosts. Easy enough to understand but how do the boosts affect each unit in specific? Does it go of the same dimishing returns type boost as research and unit production or is it a straight true boost. To better understand what I mean Ill set examples below.

A true boost would mean if my attack is 250% that i should be 2.5 times higher attack value so for a t4 unit it would be 500. Easy enough but if your boost is only 80% does that mean that your attack value is only 160 instead of 200?

A diminished returns type boost would mean a little different. Reverse calculations for the research and troop builds would mean the following.
100% attack boost translates to 50% more attack
200% attack boosts translates to 75% more attack and so on

So which is it?

Also on top of all that how does defense exactly affect attack?
Tap has had a moderator in other games specifically state how the battle system works. However we have heard nothing in invasion of this.

Battle calculations for TAPs other game such as Galaxy legend can be found here
Why dont we have something like this for Invasion?

I need help to figure this out.