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    I saw the post on FB and replied there. However, just in case, posting here too.

    First of all, you haven't given any details on how you want to do the merger. Anyway, I will mention two ways that could work.

    1. Merging old zones with each other. Making old states (1-10) from 10-zone states to 1 or 2 zone states, and also merging states together. That way the active players from different zones would come together and there would be some more action again. However, this scenario would have a little problem. Monuments. The solution would be to drop the monuments in the center of the zones totally. We could even do without them (governments in a no state, no law era ? who the hell thought about it ? :P). Or, if people are really fond of them, replace zone monuments with guild monuments. Starting from day one each guild builds its own and the guild with the strongest monument (could even use research centers) has control of the government. A necessary feature in this case would be the ability to capture these monuments (or RC) from other guilds, provided a guild only has one such building. That's a really important feature for latecomers to the party. Would give something real to fight for and also an easy way to do the merger.

    2. This scenario is maybe more difficult to implement, but I think it would be a real improvement to the game.
    Instead of having all zones with the same configuration, to instead have different categories based on the player's base level and power. Once the max level for a certain zone is reached the player could jump to another zone, thus having the chance to have new weapons, research, troop limit, and also the ability to control guilds from lower level zones. The last option would help people jump to a higher level zone without being afraid of going into a completely strange territory.
    The categories I think of :
    1-Cities. After the dark crusaders destroyed everything there are no governments so people have to start from scratch. And where better than the streets of the big cities. Units : Snipers, machine gunners, grenadiers and regular assault rifle carrying infantry.
    2-Regions. Including a number of cities inside and more villages, this is the new area for those increasing in power. Units : Machine gun mounted SUVs, Sniper teams, Explosive experts (RPG and IED experts, depending on def-off gameplay), SpecOPS and Transport boats
    3-States. A number of regions together.
    Units : Heavy vehicles (Tanks, APCs), Helicopters, Anti-aircraft units (MANPAD and short ranged SAM sites), Short range ballistic and cruise missiles, Combat ships and Attack/Surveillance Drones.
    4-Confederations. Yeah yeah, you thought it right
    Units : Heavy artillery, Combat aircraft, Long range SAM sites, Long range (non-IC) Ballistic and Cruise missiles, combined with high explosive, biological or chemical warheads, Heavy combat ships, Helicopter carriers and Submarines.
    5-Empires. {Put description here :P }
    Units : Stealth and supersonic aircraft, ICBM and ICCM with Nuclear warheads, Nuclear Submarines, Satellite reconnaissance, Cyber-weapons and Aircraft Carriers.

    I think that's enough of categories for now, lol, but of course in the future there could be options for Space war too. A player jumping to a higher zone would maybe need to drop the units from the previous one (giving away to his team mates), thus having no space restrictions for his new toys. It is understandable that for low level fights they would need to use lower level players, thus giving value to all the players, not only to those who pay significantly higher amounts, and also making the game fun for all.

    Basically, these are my ideas. Hope you made it to the end lol.

    P.S : Being that I am here, are we going to see any PC version of the game soon ?

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    Hi Mister, thanks for your suggestions for how merges could work, but I am sure tap already has a sense of what they plan to do. Not heard anything about a PC version either.


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    As of today i have heard merges are happening in December. States will merge together. So that will be 9 zones becoming 1. This should get interesting.

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