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Thread: Comm set slots

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    Comm set slots

    The three buttons below the commander. How do they work?

    I like the set I have now. It is slot number3.

    If I spend 100 dimes to open another slot, does it start with nothing set —similar to the way talents work? Then I choose what I want?

    I just don’t see an explanation anywhere, and I don’t want to waste a lot of diamonds trying to figure it out😉

    Thanks for any help

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    i use the first button for my usual set up. the second is for my research commander and officers

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    But my question was, “How do they work?”

    If I push one I haven’t used, will it be blank and give me a fresh start like the talent points do?

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    you need to clink on the number, then fill the commanders you want to use for that number. when you click on that number the next time you'll see a pop up telling you it costs 100 diamonds to make change to use the set up

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    every time you gain time nothing more but you will spend a book every time when you want to change your first slor who are in ECO mode with another one who are for fighting

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