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    Lightbulb Ideas

    Was wondering for the next update if we could add some new features

    For example (My ideas)

    "Unit production queue"
    Instead of having a single production queue when you have the RSS you can add another queue. It won't start till the first one is finished but instead of having RSS (Food decrease) you can go ahead and use it for a unit production queue.

    "More elites"
    Instead of having a very very few elites at a time, can we raise it to maybe 3X then what is currently out?

    "More D20"
    Instead of 5K D20 at a time can we increase the amount to maybe 7K or even 10K maybe even increase the amount of troops in them as well?

    "Diamonds for Red officers"
    Maybe if you have like 100K to 500K diamonds you can recruit a red officer?

    Just a few thoughts I had, feel free to express your ideas if you don't or do like them. Lol

    Zone 50
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