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Thread: possible zone / area transfers in future

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    possible zone / area transfers in future

    is there possibly going to be transfer facilities in the future.
    many are leaving the game because of problems in their original zone, maybe in the future you could consider bringing in a facility where you can purchase a zone transfer... maybe then you could keep more players in the game

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    State Wars are likely addressing the need for players to be more mobile. I know you aren't alone in wanting to switch zones, but allowing that, from a dev perspective, sets things up to create a massive imbalance (super guild likely would form in one zone). This is why I believe t4f is not going forward with the ability to change zones.

    I would also love to switch the zone I am in, but I try to think of things from multiple angles and while a zone change may benefit me in one sense, it would like be detrimental in others.

    Hope this helps


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    I totally agree with both sides of the argument, I think the state war may be the best way to combat this issue.

    As for zones dying and people getting bored, at the end of the day the zone is what the players make it. My zone was at war for over 3 months and it died but now it is starting to thrive again, because we made the effort to revive things and bring players back.

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    Nice, Ryan �� I'm glad y'all were able to sort things.


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    From what ive seen they have merged zones in arabic version and the new continent doesnt have bugs like the old continent....they will never do anything good with first continent they dont care..the other continent has big big spenders thats who tap going to take care of.

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    state wars was the start of many billion plus players leaving, and no... zones are what the strongest players make it. if they decide to destroy everything in sight and attack and farm other bases at every opportunity the zone will die ... which is why I asked my original question. 3 month isn’t a long time in this game... my first zone was at war for over a year ��

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    Hi Chrissy,

    I have heard nothing about zone mergers. I will let you know if Tap has any news about that.

    What zone are you in?


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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