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    Has anyone else upgraded an officer only to find it missing from the warflame formation even though the formation was not changed in warflame?

    It happened to me. Iíve fought some in warflame that had one officer missing as well. Iím suspecting that the same thing happened to them. As usual, tapís tech team is saying this cannot happen.

    Please, if this happened to you, post here

    Thank You

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    I've not heard of this happening, but will ask around now that I have. I know of another reason people do it (its tactic based) so that could account for some ppl with one or two less officers slotted but likely not all.

    And you're sure its just not a display error?


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Iím sure Pharm. I hadnít changed anything in my formation other than troop count as I was already as strong as I could be. I first noticed something was off when I saw that my power on the battle reports was much lower. I then looked in my warflame settings and saw the officer missing on both attack and defense formations.

    I had recently upgraded that particular officer to +5.

    I wouldíve had to manually remove or change that officer in both attack and defense and then hit confirm for it to change ónone of which I did. Plus, I was already using that officer in battles at +4 óno need to change him as after upgrade, he was automatically stronger
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    Do you have any screenshots of this so I can flip to tap?

    It does sound like this is something that definitely needs prompt attention.



    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Been going through it with Elena in customer service.

    She said she tested it by upgrading an officer. Same thing happened to her.

    They donít seem to think itís an issue as she said it did warn her that warflame settings had changed. 😳. I donít recall a warning, but even if it did, it needs to be the kind that stays around ónot just flash and leave.

    Strange how there was no warning of this happening nor would anyone think that upgrading an officer would change warflame formation. It doesnít in the regular game ówhy would one expect it to change warflame settings, especially when one must confirm settings when changed.

    They werenít even aware of the problem until I brought it to their attention. Anyhow, I lost 10+ battles before I realized my officer was missing from the lineup. Same old tap customer service. I got a sorry and nothing more

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    Okay, well I'm glad Elena checked at least ��


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Anyhow summing this thread up óthey offered no compensation. Anyone surprised?

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