in my zone 104, a certain player gained illegal and unauthorized access to my accounts. Somehow, he accessed my accounts and transferred R5 to a newbie base that was never been in our guild. He proceeded to boot everyone out on 11/2 around 20 UTC, just after taking over and accessing my accounts. After reporting the issue of unauthorized access almost immediately, t4f didn't even attempt to respond correctly and diligent manner. About a week later, I received my guild back thru the customer service rep.

For 1 week, the damage was extensive. Killed all troops were tied to towers. Drained bank resources and guild coins. Most of all, it destroyed the lab we have worked on for last 2 or 3 years.

T4F refuses to investigate the core issue and turn blind eyes to all unauthroized transactions. My only request was to restore my research lab.
And T4F tells me at first, it was technically impossible to restore the lab. (for those who lacked the IT expertise, it is false information. i could write a sql statement to do that in a few mins)

I even investigated for T4F and found unauthorized logins coming from Amman, Jordan and named the suspect based on login data they provided and simple IP lookup. (why do i have to investigate?)

In these days, anyone who attempts to disband or destroying lab has ill intentions. Why does the game still have such options to begin with? And why does t4f not promoting and encourage fair gaming environment? This is a clear case of unauthorized access or hacking of a account. Why spend money to get ourselves strong? Why not just hack accounts and destroy all your enemies?

I think t4f needs to revise their stand and do the right thing.