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    I can't get in my invasion accounts at all. It keeps kicking me out when I try to login. I dont want my accounts wiped out. If this happens I will no longer play Invasion. This problem has to be fixed as soon as possible cause once my shield dtops. I will be attacked and wipped out completely

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    Hi Mark, please contact customer service. They are the only team who can access the proper tools for login issues.

    If you can provide me with some context of what is actually happening, I can try and help. I know it is is kicking you out, but there are many different scenarios that are possible. I do not know which one you are facing. You can PM me here/reply to this thread (I will try to check back later today) or you can add me on line (Pharmakon42 and I am pretty much always on line.) and I will attempt to help resolve this. I have wechat and whatsapp if you do not have line, but line is best and quickest way to reach me.

    Please keep in mind, it is very difficult to troubleshoot login issues without proper tools. So, essentially, I am troubleshooting blind. But I can at least offer some advice of things to try when I know more about what is happening.

    Hope to hear from you soon,



    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Yes itís upload to 78 % then it send error

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    Are you the original posted of this thread and you've changed names or you commented on this one because topic is similar?

    And with the info provided, there isn't really anything I can suggest besides check your WiFi, try data, try different devices, try rebooting your device.

    That could have also been when there was emergency maintenance.

    At any rate, hope it worked itself out.



    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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