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Thread: T5, new research, and buildings

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    T5, new research, and buildings

    How does Tap expect us to grow when we can only get the radioactive material from cash tiles, and they only yield radioactive material about 1 out of every 8 tiles?

    Needs to be ALL tile types or EVERY cash tile lv4-lv6.

    Right now, there arenít enough cash tiles available and everyone is fighting over them. The last six lv6 cash tiles I cleared returned no ☢️ material😳
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    Six lv5 cash tiles and zip again. This is maddening

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    A few more lv6 tiles and no ☢️ Ongoing

    Just venting to those that read

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    Tap is losing players because of this new stuff. One out of every eight tiles MIGHT return radioactives. Purchasing with diamonds is so expensive. Money money money is what tap is after

    They havenít changed. I canít think of any other game or product where practically all of the users hate the company. Itís so one sided. I think the players donít like the company, because the developers donít care about the clients.

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    I feel your pain and many feel similar to you, but I do have to say there are many players who are excited with the challenges the new changes have brought.

    Yes, the cost of the rss is extreme, but at least we *can* earn them... and worst case scenario, you end up with more cash.

    Have a good day,

    Pharmy (commenting as a player, not a mod)


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Iím excited about the changes as well😉

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    But it sucks when itís the norm to expect nothing radioactive from the gatherers

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    Jebus tap. Címon now. 1 out of 16 marches returns nuclear material.

    The odds here are worse than Vegas. Do something please

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    Despite me yet getting to the point of farming for radioactive materials, I would think the reason for that is because you are getting to the point where youíll be insanely strong or you would have a major advantage in the game. For instance; In ZvZ, one would attack a weaker player for points. Letís say a 1 billion player vs 800 million power player. In this situation, the 800M player has completed all research that includes both radioactive and non radioactive materials and has about 30M troops(half is T5). However, the 1Billion power player hasnít complete 90% of radioactive requirement research but has non all non radioactive material required research gotten but doesnít have t5. The 800M would win because he/she would have a upper hand advantage in the game due to all research being completed and 15M Troops with 3-6 boost.

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    I get that, but everybody would have the same opportunity in gathering. We do have to gather it. I donít need every tile to have nuke, but the ratio of return atm is laughable. Some are using their dimes for it, but I wonít as itís 16k dimes for 5k of nuclear material ówhen millions are needed.

    Tap has already changed the game with the ghost thing. As of now, a player with great officers, research, etc will lose to a lesser player with better ghosts.

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