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Thread: Hi invasion

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    Exclamation Hi invasion

    I have multiple account with the same email and i just want to delete them .
    Just play only with my First and my best account
    Can you suggest me how can i delete my useless account

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    Hi Robin, I would suggest message support and request they unbind the bases from that email. Deleting bases... I don't think it's possible, but if you drop the base from guild and don't login, it will disappear off the map. The time varies and I do believe it depends on HQ level and what troop tiers you have unlocked, but its generally 2 - 3 weeks for that to happen, depending on base specs.

    I will ask around and see if anyone has or has heard of deleting accounts and I will reply back if I hear more. Or maybe someone lurking this thread will weigh in XD

    Happy gaming,



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