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    Recall Feature

    So basically TAP has now offered a bounty for existing players to get players that have left the game to return

    Did TAP ask themselves why people had left in the first place? Evidently not.

    The crap service, one sidedness, etc., are why people left. Take care of your customers ómore will stay and many might return

    The main reason people are staying is because they invested money. I, for one, invest very little anymore. Itís throwing good money after bad

    Reward your customers plus treat them fairly. Theyíll spend more, or at least stick it out. So many dead zones and players stuck in them with nothing to do but build óBORING
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    well said. Im only a few boxes away from v14. And i realized how crappy their service is. Before someone hacked into my account and destroyed the guild research lab, i haven't had any reasons to contact customer service (for 3 years). Now, i am refusing to throw in money after these guys. Their reply to my issues were fraudulent in some countries. These t4f guys seem only to protect cheaters and not honest players.

    Think its time to call it a day...

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    Also well said. In z60. Someone managed to disguise themself as another member. This person got r5 and disbanded the guild. Years of research, donations, etc gone in one push of a button. TAP did nothing about it.

    If they can analyze things enough to tell a player when they used an item, they surely couldíve found the culprit without much effort

    Said it was part of the game. If thatís considered part of the game then selling accounts, buying out of game items, etc should be part of the game óbut it doesnít serve THEIR needs, so itís considered cheating

    Greedy self serving company

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