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Thread: T5, New Researches, and Upgrading Buildings.

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    T5, New Researches, and Upgrading Buildings.

    Just want to know if T4F will increase the gathering of the 3 new barrels of RSS? Our zones had a few players quit cause not all cash tiles are giving these barrels, and I have a few more that is thinking of quitting. What will T4F do to save players?

    I understand its random tiles that provide these barrels, but the time spent gathering for very little or no return on them is making players upset. Is T4F planning on killing this game? We need Tap 4 Fun to make this game fun again, cause right now it's very stressful trying to convince players not to quit.


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    Amen to that. Iím wondering the same thing

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    No response from a T4F representative. I guess T4F is not worried about players quitting. Well, I spent enough money with T4F. I think i will take my money elsewhere. Thanks T4F for the 3 years of game play. Although this past year has been a let down with dead zones to play with. Good luck on the T4F success.

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