Starting at level zero wanting to be a hero when I looked up into the skies.

No lie, I sworn I seen a plane flew but slowly and no hurry.

A new commander has been introduced. She was really skinny and thin but she was special within. She had advantage of helicopters offense and research times.

Looking around I seen garages being places suddenly and not hesitently. With new oil and solar power mixing with steel and farms.

A flash before my eyes vip 0 went to 1 then 2 then 3 and 4 stopping at 7.

Diamonds fell down from the sky looking like a broken meteorite.

Out comes tanks and helicopters and SUVs increasing in power over time.

Power increasing exponentially stacking up to 100 million.

I think I seen enough.... I closed my eyes for few seconds and I swear I went into the future because all I see is burning building and panicking and madness.

Planes flying way faster but towards another base.

I got grabbed from behind, my commander is running.

She said we’re under attack. Before I had a chance to even say anything, hoards of troops came rushing into the base killing everyone and everything off.

My commander just got taken and she not locked up.

The base disappeared. The last thing I saw before I passed was a missile colliding with the ground creating a mushroom like cloud.

Years later waking up again from madness dream. I see my commander power at 1000 with vip 0. I realized I had dreamed of the future.

Only I knew what happens if you let your guard down for the slightest here.