If you lost a fight and you feel hopeless, read this.

Let me tell you a story of user: Element4all

There was once a user called Element4all or (El).
He was undefeatable by all size and shape. E

He would bully small players since they couldnít match his strength. The developers hated him but they couldnít ban him since he didnít technically brake any rules.

He had about 18 billion power overall(60% troops)
He never made a guild since he never trusted anyone.

One day, he going on a spree of zeroing and this one base stood out the most to him since it was all alone but surrounded by resources. He felt desperate to hit him since he had a thing for hitting players.

Eventually, his lust got the best of him and he sent his strongest unit to attack the base. With each striking blow as the base power got lower and lower til both its military and commander was gone.

That was El mistake.

Eventually the devs took notice of El behavior so they decided to get revenge.

Few days later El went back on another spree but this time, he took and kept the commanders for maximum days, trialing them. Until he came across the last non burn base.

Feeling the lust once again, he sent his strongest unit to attack. Upon arrival to the enemy base, his plane never returned. Still waiting ting not know if itís a glitch, he sent another plane.

Then he send another, and another, and another.

But all seems not to return.

For the first time in a long while, he decided to use a scout. The second the sout picked up what was in the base. His game crashed.

He reseted the app and came back on with confusion. He looked at his report. To his suprise and fear, the amount of troops he had compaired to the amount the apposing base has was nothing he had ever seen. Everyone in the whole game banned together to rally against this one base. As if he wasnít paying attention, he noticed a jumbo plane coming to him. This whole time there was a rally. When the time reached zero, the base disappeared. Itís beileved that the amount of troops attacking the base was beyond anything game had dealt with so his account got erased permanently no recovery.