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Thread: It's time for another story!

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    It's time for another story!

    Welcome to the campfire. Today, I'll be telling a story for those who are bored and want something to look at.

    As a gamer, I've heard strange stories about players deaths and characters that starts to express their feelings when players aren't around.

    During a snow storm, Evan had installed a app called "Invasion Modern Empire". He was a big time spender and he believed that he would someday get noticed for his cashed he spent. Day after day he gets stronger and more known throughout the community. He was a type of person everyone one like to talk to if they wanted advice or a conversation going. One day, Even decided to participate in ZvZ even tho he was the only one online since it was at midnight. He noticed that the zone he was supposed to face had changed into FROM "423" to "OOL". Thinking it's a glitch since zones have numbers not letters, he reseted his app. Starting back up the app, the imaged on the screen had changed. What Even could see was a man holding a head with one hand. In the other, a Bloody glass with a corpse in the background. Words to describe the body was beyond anything I can say. Just as the bar hit 100%, Even heard a knock.

    Comment if you want a part 2 and more stories.

    Last Texas

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    Waiting with breath that is bated for part deux!


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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