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    Top Territory

    Whatís the use of fighting for one and owning it if you only get to visit it once a week.

    For the guilds that own them, they earned the right to go there anytime.

    CíMON TAP!!!

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    Hi James!

    Any guild that holds a TT through all of contention has access to it from the time TT opens on Thursday evening (or whatever time refresh is for peeps) and then the guildys can access it until (I believe) 5 hours after ZvZ ends on Tuesday evening (again, or whatever time ZvZ ends where you are). So it's about a day and a half when the occupying guild cannot access TT.

    What gets me the most though is that the forts and elites and cash tiles keep spawning and you can just look at it like a lost puppy dog in a window knowing you cannot get to it and alllllll those forts will be wasted! The humanity! hahaha I heart forts in case that was not clear XD

    Have a good one,

    Pharmy (commenting as a player, not a mod on this thread)


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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