Hi Pharm,

Sorry, been busy with work.

Nuke Lab > Ore Extraction > 'Have a chance to get Nuclear Energy when gathering on Cash' - many p layers unhappy that it is cash only - some of those players are VIP 14 and 15. Tap told me in game that they were looking at adding nuke fuels to all resources

Nuke Lab > Research > Plutonium Extraction > 'Greatly increase the amount of Plutonium Ore obtained - I have 75% unlocked, it refers to 'gathering' - nothing related to how much nuke fuel i have on my base. Tap tell me in game, it is now a 75% more of a chance of getting nuke fuels - which is it, 75% change or 75% more nuke fuels when i do manage to obtain some - Tap tell you one thing and then tell me something totally different in game.

The emphasis here is on 'obtained' and the +75%, bear in mind I already have the +25% Basic extraction unlocked, so should i now be getting +100% ?????

Thanks again..