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Thread: Nuke Fuels - research % vs actual % collected

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    Hi Pharm,

    Sorry, been busy with work.

    Nuke Lab > Ore Extraction > 'Have a chance to get Nuclear Energy when gathering on Cash' - many p layers unhappy that it is cash only - some of those players are VIP 14 and 15. Tap told me in game that they were looking at adding nuke fuels to all resources

    Nuke Lab > Research > Plutonium Extraction > 'Greatly increase the amount of Plutonium Ore obtained - I have 75% unlocked, it refers to 'gathering' - nothing related to how much nuke fuel i have on my base. Tap tell me in game, it is now a 75% more of a chance of getting nuke fuels - which is it, 75% change or 75% more nuke fuels when i do manage to obtain some - Tap tell you one thing and then tell me something totally different in game.

    The emphasis here is on 'obtained' and the +75%, bear in mind I already have the +25% Basic extraction unlocked, so should i now be getting +100% ?????

    Thanks again..

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    Lmfao off. Tap’s definition of probability is “rarely”

    Only saving grace is that at least everyone is dealing with it. The big spenders might be buying it, but when millions are needed and tap charges 16k dimes for only 5k of nuke, count me out of that crap.

    Once again, the same old story. —years needed to build but only minutes given as rewards😳

    Should give me ownership of my account so I could sell it if I wanted. I probably would. And then go back to playing Soldier of Fortune ll. It’s more fun and free

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    Guys, I hear ya on your concerns, but I have noticed in past 5 ish days (and, without me saying anything, I have seen multiple other player mention) much better drop rate for nuke rss. And James, you've highlighted my main point, look at the cost of nuke rss vs what we get in return.

    Just as an example, on a level 6, say I get back 70 k of the nuke rss

    70 / 5 = 14
    14 x 16 k = 224 k dimes of nuke fuel rss earned in a single random drop.

    Lets consider a smaller level, say level 5. I get back about 30 k (I think lol) on a level 5

    30 / 5 = 6
    6 x 16 k = 96 k

    24k dimes costs $100 USD, so even on a small drop, that's almost $400 not spent.

    See why I am having a tough time finding an issue with how the drop is? Don't get me wrong, it irritates me greatly if I can't find any cash tiles, but I deal, and I mainly remember the amount of dimes I am not spending but I am still earning the nuke rss I need. I guess, at times, it is mostly a matter of perspective.

    Would I like nuke rss to be available in all diff type of rss tiles? Yes, that would be great!
    Do I understand why it is not this way? Yes, I fully do.

    Hope this helps, guys, and bear in mind, I am not the best at math. I have done those calculations a few times and I do believe they are correct, but if I am wrong, please just let me know


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    You’re cool Pharm. I only chimed in for my occasional bashing of tap🤪. Never will I bash you😉

    On a lv6 tile, I get about 82k when it happens. Hasn’t changed at all. It’s been that way since I finished my nuke research

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    I just got 82 k on one atm! ������ did a little dance haha


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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