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Thread: Nuke Fuels - research % vs actual % collected

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    Nuke Fuels - research % vs actual % collected

    As per the title, when gathering on any level cash tile for the nuke fuels, if and rarely when you do get nuke fuels, it isn't anywhere near the % value of what i should be getting when considering what i have unlocked in nuke lab, example:

    Research to 35% nuke fuel obtained when gathering.

    Gather on level 5 cash tile (456,000 units) - this should equate to a 159,600 units of nuke fuel returned from the cash tile

    I'm getting 29,841 units of nuke fuel (Once in every ten or twelve cash tiles) which is around 6% of the cash tile... come on TAP4FUN, you are really ripping us off with incorrect game play/content, sort this out please.

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    *backing away slowly*..... lol I am sooo bad at math lol it makes me dizzy. Let me get a zoney to look this over, once they break it down for me (they know how to explain things to me so it makes sense), I will be able to reply appropriately I should have a reply for ya by tomorrow at the latest

    Do you have all your ore research maxed to 10 (the ones that boost the amount you can obtain when you do get the special rss from a tile)?



    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Hey, just following up with ya. I have part of the answer, but I am still hazy on another part. I am going to see if I can get tap to break it down for me.

    I know that the % of nuke rss you get is not based off of the amount in the tile itself. It increases based off the base amount of the nuke rss.

    So, for example, if you got 10 k of the rss on return prior to doing the research and then end up doing the research, it's not calculating the boost % off the amount of the cash tile, it is increasing the % based off what it was before the research was done.

    What does not make sense to me is why do we get more on level 6 than level 5 if amount of cash tile does not matter. It has to play in somehow, and this is what I am trying to find out. Bear with me please


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Itís the same old story. Tapís percentages are based off of their own calculations. It doesnít mean youíll get 35% of what you gather....rather you get 35% more than the measly amount they allotted to begin with.

    Like when car insurance commercials say that youíll save on average 35% ó35% of what? Whatever figure they determine

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    Thanks for the answer but putting it bluntly, that's absolute B***s**t from Tap. It states very clearly 'Greatly increase the amount of Thorium/Plutionium/Uranium obtained when gathering'

    The emphasis here is on the percentage and on the words 'obtained when gathering' doesn't state anywhere in the game that it is based on what you have on your base, also bear in mind the nuke fuels on your base are being used to carry out research and building so how on earth is that fair... Tap need to sort this out.

    I just gathered on a level 6 cash tile = 1,026,000 units of cash.
    I have all nuke fuels at level 10
    I should (according to the wording 'obtained when gathering') be getting 769,500 units of nuke fuel (75%) as and, rarely, when I get nuke fuels. I just got 82,000 units which is roughly 8% .......... how in hell is this fair to us players..

    Yet again Tap are advertising/displaying a function in the game that is not correct or not working correctly or they just decide to do what they like with numbers and percentages...

    I complained in game and got an absolutely useless response from someone who clearly does not know the first thing about the game or functionality..

    They need to sort this out.. I am aware of VIP 14 and 15 players who are also not happy with this functionality..

    I am actually at the point of complaining to Apple about the consistent unfair and inaccurate advertising/displaying of game functionality by Tap, this has to stop....
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    Just to add to my previous response.

    I have just completed some further cash gathers and can tell you that what Tap have told you in relation tot he percentage of nuke fuels gathered based upon what i have on my base is also a load of cr4p.

    I have 1.4 mill of Uranium on my base
    I gathered on a level 5 cash tile 456,000 units of cash
    I collected 36,480 units of Uranium which is 8% of the cash tile i gathered.

    If I'm supposed to be getting 75% of what i have on my base then i should have got a hell of a lot more than 36,480 units of Uranium, so Tap have no idea what they are talking about.....utter garbage is what they are telling you.

    Anyway, i have sent the images of all the nuke researches, the wording, the percentages and my completed cash gathers to Apple as evidence of the false functionality within the game...

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    May I ask why you are still basing your calculations off the wrong base amount?

    It is NOT 75% return based off what the rss tile has. It is up to 75% more than what you would have gotten if you had not done the research.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding what I've read? That's always possible lol


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    It does seem though, from your various calculations, that 8% is the nuke rss return based off the total amount of the cash tile.

    That, at least, stays consistent lol


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Hi Pharm,

    Thanks for at least coming back to me, that is appreciated.

    Well sure enough, i have had a completely contradictory response from Tap in game, they are now saying it is a 75% more probability of obtaining nuke fuels when gathering cash.... they need to make their mind up which it is.. they clearly release these functions within the game without fully understanding them...


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    Hi Norman,

    I am a player first and I do have to deal with support as well at times, I just first want you to know I understand where you are coming from. I am not saying this as a way to excuse anything, but it sounds like there is a language barrier in them explaining it. I haven't forgotten to try and get this breakdown, but like other algorithms in the game, I suspect this one is also one that is being kept discrete.

    I've looked over anywhere I could think of in game that gives a description for nuke rss return, and I genuinely cannot find anything to support what you are positing - and I tried, Norman, I really tried. The wording is ambiguous, so as far as I can tell, Tap hasn't violated anything they stated.

    I checked:

    - Nuke lab (info)
    - Nuke lab --> research --> then I clicked the ?" in the top right
    - I checked the description on each nuke rss as well, plus basic extraction

    Have I missed anywhere? Please let me know if so, so I can review that section.

    I read over some of your earlier posts, and when you mention, "I am aware of VIP 14 and 15 players who are also not happy with this functionality", what functionality are you referring to?


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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