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Thread: Rose vs advanced summon

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    Rose vs advanced summon

    What’s the difference? Is there some new powerful valentine captain available?

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    I’d really like to know. Don’t want to waste items. There was t an email explaining anything about the thorn of the rose feature in recruiting 😳. Normal tap procedure —trial and error learning

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    Do either of these help?

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    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Thanks Pharm. I was reading the description. Didn’t realize there was a difference until I read the advanced summon info. Higher chance with he rose, though tap didn’t say what the new possible captain was

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    Tap doesn't say much, if anything, they use a front person like Pharm to take the brunt from us paying customers.... not good behaviour.

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    Actually Pharm does what she can. She’s a player like us and at least cares

    No real Tap representative nor developer has ever come to the forum.

    The real front people are the customer service people. Lots of “Sorry commander”, but not really. It’s just a polite thing to say. Softens a person for the inevitable “Sorry, but you’re sol. The development team says you’re wrong and there’s no compensation”

    The percentage of real help and compensation from customer service is as high as the likelihood of radioactive material coming from a cash tile or a coin landing on its side
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    LOL James, i hear ya... and yes, i agree, at least Pharm comes back to us and tries to help...

    I pm'd you James

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    Returned your pm👍🏻

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