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Thread: Mystery Rewards - Diamonds

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    Mystery Rewards - Diamonds

    Diamonds chosen as mystery rewards do not seem to show up anywhere

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    Hi Peter,

    Where are you choosing dimes as a mystery reward? I can't think of where you may mean.

    Either way, have you checked in your items under 'special tab'? I am almost positive they are under that tab and if not, then it would be under 'resources'. I just cleared mine the other day or I could check... and you would think I would recall which tab but I do not lol ... at any rate, they are near the bottom of the section, that I do know.

    And if that doesn't answer your question ^ could you please provide further information about what you are asking about so I may assist?

    Thank you,



    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Mystery Rewards are those you get when you pick up resources from your settlement/city. Some times when you pick up production from your farms/refineries etc - the game will flash three treasure chests that are called "mystery rewards". They will have either speedups, resource packs, coins or diamonds. My problem is that when you pick the diamonds, they never show up anywhere. Not in your diamond balance, and not in packs.

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    Hi Peter,

    Could you email support the next time you select and receive dimes and see what the log shows please?

    Sorry, I'm limited in the support I can provide because I don't have access to the activity logs on a player. But support should be able to supply you with that without issue ��

    I guess see what the log says and we will go from there.

    Hope this helps,



    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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