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Thread: What do we have in EVENTS&CONTESTS?

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    Grazie per tutto, tutto migliori

    ZONA 50

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    I really don't see the difference but I was attacked two days ago and I'm still on fire, all my troops healed and grew 100k more. Can you fix that or tell me how to fix it

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    I agtree I know my guild is doing strike on it they refuse to play because the prizes are not good and it is way more expensive

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    I wanted to add that the war simulator is horrible I used 50 k cvhips got couple 60 min speed ups one 3 hour and lost mostly got 400 diamonds myself along with guild has decided ypto not participate in sim event till the things you wingets better and or bring old sim back thanks

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    I want time Bonus again in Rebell.....

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    Старый симулятор был намного лучше , в призах все меньше алмазов и ценных призов, с такими темпами скоро ваш онлайн упадет! Мятежники раньше сотни человек затягивали в игру на сутки, а с нынешними призами онлайн упадет! Верните старые призы алмазы вообще не зарабатываются ну ни как!

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    I honestly think there should be a tile pvp. The smaller guilds have to settle for 1 and 2 resources because the bigger ones closest to the monument are so far away. Just a thought.

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    I Must Admit It Im Hooked!! This Is One of the Best War Games Ive Played In A Long Time,& It Gets Better everytime Theres New Perks, Or Opitions Added to it Often are Just Makeing Invasion Game A Much Better Gameing Exspierance. NOW IF I CAN ONLY GET MY WIFE TO PLAY!! SHE'S ABOUT TO DIVORCE ME, BECAUSE IM CONSTANTLY GLUED TO MY TABLET. SHE FEELS THAT IM NOT PAYING ANY ATTENTION TO HER!! LOL!!

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