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Thread: What do we have in EVENTS&CONTESTS?

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    Once posso encontrar este even to??
    Ja agora fantastico game este invasion, muitos parabens pelo jogo, 👍👍👌🎁🎉

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    Please extend the sand table magic Henry event longer than only 14 hours that's not enough time for a lot of people why not have to end when rebels ends that would only make sense people get diamonds from rebels they can spend in the sand table game! I don't understand why most events in this game such as this are not well planned for time I get the feeling that most who make the rules don't actually play it maybe? Please tap 4 fun extend it and make some sense for people to take advantage of it fairly thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan View Post
    EVENTS&CONTESTS is a place for official staff to organize events or put in announcement about various events. You can reply to any one of the posts in here to ask your questions or join the event, but if you want to held your own event or contest, please move to General Discussion.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
    como empieso a jugar

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    Alles auf Englisch geschrieben, keine Łbersetztung.

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    The top territory event does anybody know when this event is and I heard you can buy a top territory teleport in the store for $3,000 do you know when and where they're available in the store is it only the day of the event any information on this topic will be great thank you

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    Where do we get snowballs from. There is an exchange event and no one can find where to get them..

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    Il est toujours entrain faire le mis en jours je comprends pas

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