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Thread: limited teleports

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    Lightbulb limited teleports


    my idea is to limited teleports!

    I talked to some other players and every time I get a positive feedback at this topic.

    For example:

    - You can use a teleport only once at week wherever you want!
    - You can use a teleport only once wherever you want and as often as you like in the ally Territory!

    The effects,

    1. The points of the players are more balancing.
    | -> The leading alliance wouldn't no longer so easily harm the smaller alliance. They have always
    the power with the atomic bomb!
    | -> PvP-Events more balancing.

    2. The walking time has more meaning ( Units ).
    | -> The time to get from one side the map to the other side, is at moment appropriate!
    S2 Units ~1 hour and i think its ok! There are game in which the units run much longer!
    | -> You have a chance to react!

    3. Territories get more meanings and are important!
    | -> Have a chance to defend your territory and your base or the other players around you.
    | -> Alliance are important, no sensless destroy more.

    The final and for me the most important point:

    4. You can install a second base into the game! ( I read that in another post)

    The objective of the second base would then secure the line and to short the walking time by deploy them there.

    This can only be built on ally territory with the additional function " fix position ! ".
    To move the base , you have to leave the base and build up again . The build of the base could be provided at cost. In addition, it could be also destroyed by the enemy.
    The second base would then switch freely in the research center and possibly also to improvers ( better defensive or transform into a production basis , one could leave the other out ).

    For Example.

    I hope you like the idea and it can be implemented. That would be great!

    Still had a few ideas but that would be it for now . If this idea is well received , I will write more! =)

    Sorry for my english , it's not very good but I hope you can understand it .

    With best regards

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    I agree with the territories part. Like, If a person is being attacked they have a 10% defense boost. And if they are on guild territory and are attacking, they have a 3% boost or something.

    I also like the movement in allied territory idea. It would be nice if we could move our base where we want, as long as the place we move to is our territory instead of having to pay 750 diamonds for the same ability.
    Just my 2 cents.

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    Totally agreed with this idea.

    I'm being asked to help others when people attack them but i can't always be there for them.
    I have like 1k diamonds most of the time. I can't spend diamonds on teleports.

    Please, T4F Devs, we need a quick reply on this thread. Thanks.
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    How do I use teleports, in (items) I have teleports but their frozen and I need guidance on how to use them.

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