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    U S Military

    Name:U S Military

    Location:Weaver 1: X498: Y500

    Leader:Gen Hammond

    Second In Command/ Overseer:Gen Tuck

    We are the U.S Military, our purpose is to bring freedom and the U.S Constitution to Weaver by will and by force.

    Rank 4 Warlords control each division

    Rank 3-Special Forces(No Leader Yet) *They must have a power over then 500,000,must be great with strategy, must be loyal,and must be active*

    Rank 2-Miniute Men (No Leader Yet) *You must be on evryday or miss one day a week to be in Miniute Men, but must be over 250,000 power.*

    Rank 1-Marine Corps(Mrcheesy11) *All players that join, are already a part of the Marines.*

    Message To You:
    Our mission requires alot and we need you to do it. All we want is for the people of Weaver to have a great gaming experience, but they can't, because they are being harassed by GOD. All we want is freedom and we need you.
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