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Thread: Flag Customizing, New Comanders,Wolf For Guild Emblem, and Group Private Chats

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    Flag Customizing, New Comanders,Wolf For Guild Emblem, Group Private Chats, and More

    These are just ideas, y'all might think some are stuiped, but I like them, but these ain't got to happen right away, just something for people to see and agree on, but would like it if Tap4fun added it.

    1. The flag on the base, I'd like to customize it or make it the guild flag, because it just looks dull.

    2. I'd like a new commander, who haves maybe an AR-15 or a M16 or M4 or any kind of assult rifle. Also I want him to be wearing armor and with muscles.

    3. I wanted to name a guild Wolf Pack, but I ain't got a wolf emblem to do it so I named it Eagles Division, because there's a emblem to match it.

    4. Just like private chats, I'd like us to make a chat and invite people to it, but only the people who are invited to that chat can see it, like in Game of War. Also it'll be nice if we could name the private group chat, because I want a place where me and my officers can talk in private, so no one can see what we are saying.

    5. Like in Game of War, you can name your base and when you click on it below the name says the base name. I'd think it'll be neat so you can name your base Fort Sumter or anything else.

    6. In Invasion we use our Commander's picture as us, but in Game of War you have a hero then you have you. I'd like that only, because I think it'll be cool, but for people who don't want it add a picture of the commanders.
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    Lets say that we need to focus on most important:

    1) Not so important but it could be neat.
    2) These are personal needs. It'd be also cool but i don't think that will ever happen.
    3) That's a MUST-BE on Invasion but Devs are already working on it, i guess. I've made a LINE group (find it on Google Play) in order to talk to my guild members when the servers are under maintenance or when i need to talk to R4 only (Staff Chat).
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