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Thread: [Event bug] events not showing up zone 24

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    [Event bug] events not showing up zone 24

    At around 20:28 est the zones solo war simulator event and guild power increase event ended and when it did instead of a countdown to a new event for both guild and solo nothing happened. At the current moment there's still no event going on and no countdown has appeared. I made sure that it wasn't a refresh issue on my end at first but after reopening the game it still wasn't there. After that i checked with everyone else and no one else has an event either. Alot of people in the zone are not happy about this as they were looking forward to the next event. We all hope to hear back soon.


    Cds of JE+ in zone 24

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    I just teleported over there and I don't even have an icon for events. I will also send an email to them. This problem should be resolved soon. Thank you for your report.

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    Just got info from tap4fun that all is ok now and ported in and events back up.

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