Forum Rules

Welcome to Invasion Forum! We are glad to welcome you to the community forum and hope you will enjoy meeting commanders of Invasion from all over the world, and from different battle zones. We encourage fun and communion here but unfortunately like all other things in life there are a set standard of rules of which must be followed. We encourage all ages to be part in this community forum, so I'll post some of the General Rules here.

General Rules

1. Obey All Invasion Ops and Moderators
2. Do Not Spam the Message Board
3. Do Not Solicit Third Party Advertisement Without developers Approval
4. Be Kind and courteous to others
5. Do not post Vulgar comments/ Bypass

Please know that disobeying these General Rules can range from a wide variety of punishments with the lesser being a warning with an infraction to possible termination with developers approval all spammed message boards will be removed with warning to not solicit to spam.

Player Harassment

Player Harassment can come in many ways to include the following:

1. Racial Remarks
2. Sexual Discrimination
3. Cyber Bullying
4. Asking for Lude Content
5. Posting Lude Content
6. Religious Persecution
7. Asking for Personal Information Repeatedly

Please know that developers and Mods care about players and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If you are reported for such incident, you will undergo an investigation of your account and if found will be banned from the forum as Player Harassment is important and developers is always concerned for the safety of it's players.

Thank you and happy posting!