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Thread: How do you download on Pc

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    How do you download on Pc

    I can't use .apk files

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    You download the program BlueStacks.. Google it, and make sure you download it from the official webpage only... It is free to use, and works with 99% of all android programs.. After you have it downloaded and installed, it is just like your android device. You sync it with your Google account, and all your apps, etc that are on your account will be synced to Bluestacks, and you can just goto the Google Play Store and get what ya want.. If you have .apk files on your computer you will then also be able to just double click on them, and they will install into your Bluestack area on your pc automaticly.

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    I love Bluestacks. Have been using it for ages, even when it was super slow and buggy. But worth it to have an android emulator on my laptop.

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