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Thread: Accidental Diamond usage

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    Lightbulb Accidental Diamond usage

    Hi - sorry if this has been raised but can you please make it so that a pop up box comes up if we go to buy something using our diamonds?
    I was saving mine and as I was engaging stored items my phone lagged and I clicked one too many times and automatically bought other items using my diamond stores.

    Then being a nunce I did it again soon after so I was gutted.

    Hope this makes sense - thanks

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    Re the pop up box, all it needs to say is "are you sure you want to spend 400 diamonds on a 15 minute speed up" (or whatever it is) and then have to click yes to activate it

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    Aaaaaa agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    yes i had it to due to lag.
    A confirmation option would be very very welcome.

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    I agree. It would be great to have that verification. Conspiracy... They just want us to spend diamonds and making it easy to accidentally buy them....

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    +1, this can be quite annoying

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    i have spent all my diamonds like 20k at one time without intent to buy just by an accidental touch.......i hope t4f will make these things not to happen again

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    ITs BULL SHIT! Game is too inconsistent for the price.

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    Agreed, I accidentally spent 1000 diamonds on a thing i didn't need the other day, well there went 9 bucks in the trash essentially
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    I agree, if you have 15 minutes left on a build, you shouldn't be able to spend more than 15 minutes worth of diamonds without a pop up "are you sure....."

    The same should be for Speed ups, if you have an hour left on a build up, you should get a pop up if you try to use a speed up higher than an hour without a warning.

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