Attention Zone #33 Member's Looking for a guild,

Final Factor is looking for active, loyal, and respectful members to join our guild. We ask for a 500k power minimum, but are willing to accept those below if they are willing to do the work. We ask those that are interested to mail me (HellHound504), my second in command 313USMC1775, or any other R4 stating why you want to join, and so we can introduce you to the rules and expectations of the guild as well so you know if thats where you want to be. If anyone is interested, mail me, USMC, or any R4 and apply to join.

To small guilds looking to possibly merge into another, or to form an Alliance, mail me or one of my other R4's to discuss possibly merging your guild into ours, or forming an Alliance.

We are looking for good quality members, not quantity, but definitely looking nonetheless. Applications are deeply appreciated and all will be considered who apply, and we thank those that do.