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Thread: How to report a problem/bug?

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    I have a problem. I play from Iphone. every time when i try to buy some diamonds it shows an error.
    1. I play about 4 days, every time when i want to buy diamonds, I got an error.
    2. Always.
    3. nothing
    4. Screenshot
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ID:	1102
    5. in-game username - Villi Tyorki
    zone number - #211

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    I am having an issue with login.
    My fame account is associated with facebook and the other account is associated with Google.
    May facebook associated acount is not opening from this morning.
    It been 8 hours i haven't been able to open my account.
    Well if pvp comes then who will be responsible for my loss????
    Please developers show up.
    It is causing us a lot of problems.
    Diamonds mine is also not working from last 4 days i couldn't collect diamonds and speedups also..
    Account information
    Zone : 309
    Location : ((( #: 309 X: 297 Y:287 )))
    Guild : [K47]
    Name : Kęvěn
    Power : around ~ 15.5M
    HQ Level : 19
    Diamonds number : around ~ 760 more
    Binding :
    ( it's my Facebook idi )

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    wojcio strefa 188
    Błąd przy połączeniu się z fb za pomocą kopalni diamentów od 3 dni

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    I can't send invite for my Facebook friends!!!
    Please fix this problem

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    I have been bullied in zone 130 from guild ys with insults and when I try to replay to that i get a massage from t4f saying i am the bad guy. They use bad language against me my mom and my religion and culture. And i am the bad guys. Look like trump to me. NOT FAIR

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    Sektear, can you provide more information than this? What level is comm? How much is left til next upgrade? How do you know it is stuck?


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    The commander is lvl 50 and he has remained for a long time blocked at the same experiences 24.621.425/30.000.000

    zone 228,

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    You've unlocked level 51 comm in advanced research? Pls send me a ss


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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