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Thread: How to report a problem/bug?

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    im cannot log in, every im log in just until 78%. why ?

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    updating everything was bad for me to finish my shield and I will go to waste Who will pay for damages that I'm getting all my diamonds do not enter the game

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    Same Old Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Chipper View Post
    On the recently reported problem with server down June 6th where users couldn't login, stuck at 78%; I lost a unit build and defense build queue and can't start a new one. Says production queue full.

    On completely different error, the second time I hit the Territory Domination Tab the game locks up. Have to do a force close restart after. This is a long term problem that most players complain about in chat.
    We are still getting the locked out at 78% 5 months later ?

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    I can not log on after update!!! really disturbing the time balance.can you please fix immediately.

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    Update issues

    IGN: aziani
    Zone: 100

    First I appreciate the hard work going into the maintenence to make the game play more enjoyable. Coming from an administrator I know how issues suddenly arise. However there was a period where we could log in. During that time I attempted to finish a power event along with finishing the Glory event. Is it possible that I could be compensated for the rewards given for the events since I was unable to finish the 3rd tier rewards? I understand compensation will be given to all commanders in 24 hrs however I have 80 hours invested that will yield no rewards. Please let me know if you can accommodate. I have enjoyed the update thus far, keep up the good work!

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    having login problems again after update on my phone and also laptop getting to 74% and restarting this is really starting to piss people off , Me as well as other people have put a lot of money into this game we dont expect much just being able to log in when we chose isnt to much to ask is it thank from byunyip zone 11,

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    Continued maintenance Sindu. Latest update caused severe lagging.

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    Hello commanders! Due to a system malfunction, players encountered the server lag issue after the 1.27.2 update, causing series login problems. Our devs team is now trying to identify the issue asap, and we put a 24 hr bubble on Monday, 21 December 2015, 18:30:00 UTC for all players, please try to avoid any possible actions that may cause bubble pop if you can get in by chance. We will post compensation in game as soon as we fix this issue. We are sorry about the inconvenience caused by this. Thanks for your understanding!

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    you guys said you would be giving 22times 500k food and yet in my reward center I got only 12. I would also like to be rewarded for all the event we missed today which are way more point than what you guys gave!!

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    Ich kann mich seit dem Update nicht mehr mit meinen Acc einloggen. Stattdessen muss ich von neu an anfangen.

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