There are various reasons which can cause technique problems or a bug issue. A detailed description with necessary information will help us quickly locate the problem and fix it in time. Heres what we need when you are trying to report:

1. When the problem/bug occurred
2. How often the problem/bug occurred
3. What did you do when the problem/bug was about to occur
4. Related Screenshots (IMPORTANT)
5. Your in-game username and zone number

The more details you provide, the better we can help.

Besides, wed like to suggest you to put your keywords in your threads title. For example:
[Lost account] Lost account Susan in zone 12
[Bug] Cant upgrade building
[Event Bug] Event points missing

Please notice that offensive messages will not fix any problems. Do so an appropriate report and wait the support of our team.

For any players who find any serious bug and report it to us timely, we will send them special gifts to express our gratitude. For players who maliciously use bugs to break the balance of the game, we hold the rights to downgrade the level of the building, reset their game data to the previous status, or ban their accounts permanently.

Thank you for your support!