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Thread: How to report a problem/bug?

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    I have found some of my troops but still can't find 2 camps

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    Hi all, sorry for such game experience you have had in our game. We have been aware of the problem which occurred on June 6th, around 6:00 PM UTC, and our tech team will fix it ASAP. Please stay patient and we will make compensations after evaluating the influence. Please accept our sincere apology again and once we fix it, we would make it known to all in game. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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    know what I was playing a game with my guild,one of the guys said hey there's this new game called invasion so my whole clan came to this stupid $&@$#@game and I moved up past five and now my clan is in zone six I am in zone 7, server crashes every PVP i'm sick of it! this game is amaze balls

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    TALENT economy skill

    Already mit the requirments of ENERGY OUTPUT II 5skill to unlock CASH OUTPUT II but the cash output II is unlocked already put 12/20 in ENERGY output please fix the problem
    zone 20
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    I am unable to log in today after yesterdays 78% login fail, i have the same problem today.

    please sort this out.

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    @Cutter You Can do a new account and then Teleport to S6 or If ur hq is under lvl 5 you can also Teleport there with your actual account. (Whats the Name of the Guild from ur Friends? ^^ Im also S6)
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    Dev team where are you please fix my hero bug you can see it in my economy skill

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    My Black Market is not refreshing.. I use 200 Diamonds to refresh it but nothing..... Please fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by alisle199 View Post
    My Black Market is not refreshing.. I use 200 Diamonds to refresh it but nothing..... Please fix
    Thanks your feedback. About the black market issue, we are working hard to fix it. It will take some time. We really appreciate your patience and understanding for our game.

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    2 things keep happening
    A. It say I have 2 marching slots but I only used one and I don't see the second one. I upgraded my headquarters to level 7 and I don't see it. So please help with that.

    B. The game keeps crashing. After it crashes and I reload the app it works perfectly fine. But if I go on a call or anything and reopen the app aging it crashes. Meaning it take 2 or 3 try to make the app open and work.

    Thank you

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