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Thread: Zone Versus Zone

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    Well obviously the game makers will take that into consideration and match us up against those zones close to us that are close to power.

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    Yes and No at the same time
    Because a lot of zones are better and worse than us

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    Zone wars would make enemies in their zones into allies. Zone against Zone would be great 1 time every month.

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    Then we conquer the weaker zone and make them loyal to your guild

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vayne View Post
    "Zone vs Zone" idea seems great at beginning. But you would figure out the oldest zones will win always if that idea come true.

    Ever wondered why the top players in zone 1 have reached to 100millions of force while zone 21's players are at 4m? It's time.

    #1 is opened for 186 days and this is the second day of #21, lol. How can you compare them?
    Each state would be eachother's enemies, not each different state. The war would be internal.

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    ZvZ can only ever work with simple events like the ones we have already. Any attempt at battle between Zones will end up with the older Zone winning always. Its best to just drop it, but don't let that get you down. Keep pumping out ideas, people like you keep invasion interesting!

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    How about a merge to form a district....

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    That's rubbish there are many players in my zone with T4 units well over 150m power each player so your comment is bs

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    Red face open the zones during every pvp

    I think you should open the zones on the pvp ! Cause zone 7 is an old zone ! And now there are not many players actifq ! Our zone is diying !
    I hope that you respect our opinion
    Zone 7

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    none of your beez wax town
    Z11 will hopefully get zeroed because invasion is like gow

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