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Thread: Guild mergers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePunisherz View Post
    Yeah 70% was just a rough figure, something close to that would be reasonable though!
    This would allso not work as you would not make 10 guilds to get to 1000 members but instead you would make 20 guilds and still end up with 1000 members or 10000 and so on.

    Sorry still a bad idea!

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    Personally, i don't really agree with this idea.

    1) Our Top 2 guilds are bullies. If they merge together, we'll be f***ed up! (Excuse me for the grammar).
    2) The whole server will merge with 1 guild. Total mess and pointless.
    3) Huge spam of Guild Chat! My guild is active and we still get abit spammed on Guild Chat with 100 members. Imagine with 500 members...

    Needed Changes (Pros):
    1) When a guild is split on 2, they have seperate territory, which means:
    - 1a) Guild1 can't teleport to Guild2's territory.
    - 1b) Guild1 can't expand Guild2's territory.
    2) No way to trade resources or reinforce people.
    3) Alot more. Don't remember at the moment...

    Thanks for reading,
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    - Albert Einstein

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    You guys are way overthinking this. All that needs to really happen is allowing multiple guilds to join in rally attacks. Then you can join forces in massive attacks. Honestly, I lead a 100 member guild and I can't imagine having double the number of people. I can't manage that many.

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    Wait, why not make an official Alliance system allow for guild s to join in rallying and reinforcing? I know this is probably discussed elswhere.

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