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Thread: Dreams of insanity page 1, Short stories

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    Dreams of insanity page 1, Short stories

    Hey you give me a kiss, look around it like the beauty of forever. Take my hand, I will show you the hearts of love.

    *No no, no crying now. See, see me look in my eyes hun. I love you beyond the sky's and back. Don't let this world get you down.

    *I see with my eyes rainbows and blood. Look don't you see all the body's laying about. It please me to see such a bloody seen.

    *Ha ha ha ha, come on dance in the rain. The blood pitter patters your skin. Look at his flesh, yes feel it all cool and weak, Hehehehe it so pleasing.

    *Here up put he on your shoulders, yesy thankys. Over there I see men still living. Pretty white flakes from the sky. Ohhhhhhhhhh it taste like ash aww. I thought it was snow. Hey I see bone!!!

    *Hey you hush, hey you yes hand me that. Aww looks like he is hurt. Just a little morphine. Now he is out in dreams, listen his heart it slowing. Opps it stop.

    *So how long you been here, in this land of dreams. It feel like eternity to me. Guhhhhhh why you no talk. Fun look I see the horse with corns.

    *Don't touch trust me, those horns arn't red naturally. Here follow me, yes down this way. Look at these trees there quite pretty with there pink leaves, you see the red veins in the leaves. Those are full of blood. Safe in the light. But deadly at night that when there roots search for blood.

    *That pond over there go please. Yesy looky down, you see the pretty ladies down there they have fishy tails. They will promise you a kiss, then in return they drown you. To lay there eggs in your head. Hehehe there so cute.

    *Oh yes you so nice. See I am not real, but just a feeling. Each time you sleep you will deeper in my world. I will guide you alonge the way. But listen don't be terrified. My world can't hurt those who lose there way.
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