Welcome to Invasion! You can ask any question which concerns you, and all of US will be glad to help.

Here are some tips and Q&A I'd like to share with you to help you grow fast:

Quick Growth
Enter an active Guild! In the Guild, you can get Guild help and gifts. Trade with other Guild members and talk strategy with experienced players.
Besides, develop your base by noting the blue Mission Bar. The bar will help you become familiar with all the structures in the game.
Finally, we suggest you participate in Events. Complete Events to increase your Power and get all kinds of great prizes!"

Increase Power
You can increase your Power in the following ways: Building/unlocking/upgrading structures; Tech research; making units; making Defenses, upgrading Commanders, etc.

After you have units you can make attacks, rallies, reinforcements, resource collection, camping, trade, territory occupation, base protection, etc.

Defenses will defend your Base when enemies come to attack it.

Change Formation
In the base, tap the "Tactic Center" to adjust your formation. You can also adjust formation via the troop dispatch page. Once the attacking troops set out, the formation cannot be change.

Battle Sequence
The defensive side will attack first. The two sides will alternate attacks depending on the formation of each side.

A Rally is a group attack mode in which guild members join forces together against a certain target. It permits multiple players to rally to a location and initiate attack. A rally can only attack player bases, you can't rally against other targets.

Deciding the Winner and Loser
During a battle, the side whose all units and defenses get wiped out at first will be declared the loser. After 200 attacks with no clear winner, the defender will be judged as the winner.

Territory system
The Territory system is a special feature of the game which allows players to dispatch units to occupy empty spaces on the map. The occupied territory will then belong to that player’s guild. Players will get benefits from occupying territory. Occupation time will vary depending on the amount and star level of the units sent out by the player.

How do I Occupy Territory?
Choose an empty tile and then select Occupy to send units there. The time it takes to occupy is dependent on the sent troops' star level and amount.

How do I Occupy Resource Points?
You cannot directly occupy resource points. Players must first gather all resources from resource points on the tile then occupy it when it is an empty tile.

Territory Benefits
Territory symbolizes a Guild’s power. After resource points refresh on your territory, all Guild members can speed up collection of that points’ resources. After collection the resources, the system will send some extra resources into the Resource Bank of the guild that owns that territory.

Territorial Force Map
The Territorial Force Map will update every 20 minutes and show only the Top 10 Guilds with the most Territory.

How to Capture others' Commander
1. Unlock your PRISON!
2. Fight against your enemy's troops anywhere and must WIPE them ALL OUT.
3. Your target commander must be with these troops you fight against.
4. Your enemy's Headquarters should be higher than Level 9.
P.S.: As long as there are commanders in your prison, you cannot be shielded.

Any other questions, feel free to post it out.