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Thread: Exploit - Reinforce shielded base!

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    Exclamation Exploit - Reinforce shielded base!

    Extra that is needed on the post
    1. When the problem/bug occurred
    -All the time you want!
    2. How often the problem/bug occurred
    -When you want it to occurre
    3. What did you do when the problem/bug was about to occur
    -Reported it to tap4fun guildmate made video and so on!
    4. Related Screenshots (IMPORTANT)
    5. Your in-game username and zone number
    -D3vil5ro53 zone 4

    Invasion Forum ID: D3vil5ro53
    Platform: Android
    Invasion Official Account Username: D3vil5ro53
    Beta Version: 1.20.6(24948)
    Real Game Version: 1.1.8(23612)
    Description of Problems & Bugs: You can reinforce a shielded HQ. This does not work in beta you get a error message!
    How to do this:
    1. Click Guild tab
    2. Click Reinforce
    3. Select your target (that is shielded) and click Reinforce
    4. Select the amount of troops you want to send to reinforce and click March

    Now you can fortify a SHIELDED MEMBER!
    But you should not be allowed to do so!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2015-06-03-12-57-23.jpg 
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    Quote Originally Posted by Invasion CS View Post
    Thanks for your detailed feedback, D3vil5ro53! Do you mean that reinforcing shielded base is possible in official while in beta is impossible? The screenshot you post was too small for us to see clearly.. Can you give a better one, we will report to our tech team to check further.
    You have a mail from me for 3 days reporting this with 2 videos.
    Are the videos too small too?
    Because I got answered that you can reinforce shielded players in official version.
    I mailed you and posted on your Facebook page.
    I am D3abL3 from zone 4

    Would you like me to post the videos here as well?
    Because I only want you is to fix it and to take measures on players abusing this bug.

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    sorry for low quality but the current forum downgrades HD photos to this!

    This picture shows that reinforsing a shilded player is not allowed. (if you click on the base on the map and select reinforce)

    This picture shows that in beta you cant reinforce from the guild menu, you get a error

    This picture shows that in the real game you can reinforce a guild member when using guild > reinforce

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