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Thread: [BETA] [GVE, Get Rewards] Event: May 29th - June 4th

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    Lightbulb [BETA] [GVE, Get Rewards] Event: May 29th - June 4th

    Diamond Event
    Compete in GvE and defeat the rebel army for the rebel to get Diamonds.Search and Defeat Lv.30 or higher rebel army before the beta ends to get 500 Diamonds(can only be obtained once).

    How to claim
    All rewards in the beta will be in the form of exchange codes sent to the email you bound to your beta account.To ensure you can claim rewards, please bind an email in your beta server as soon as possible.

    June 4th at 8:00 GMT.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Winners(Commander name in Beta):

    Rick Jones
    Mr NES
    Bruce Banner
    Von Boom

    To get rewards in the form of exchange codes, winners need to log into beta accounts above and provide us with an e-mail address before June 9th 9:00 am GMT.

    *Send via:
    Log in with Beta version -> More-> Contact Us-> Customer Service-> Send your e-mail address

    Please send the address accordingly from the beta version instead of official version
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    How long does it take to get a response once you enter Apple ID ?

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    I didn't get the rewards, have not you sent them yet?

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