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Thread: Error - Web page developer error in code

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    Exclamation Error - Web page developer error in code

    Extra that is needed on the post
    1. When the problem/bug occurred
    -when you click send code to email
    2. How often the problem/bug occurred
    -evry time you click sent to email
    3. What did you do when the problem/bug was about to occur
    -Reported it to tap4fun
    4. Related Screenshots (IMPORTANT)
    5. Your in-game username and zone number
    -D3vil5ro53 zone 4

    Invasion Forum ID: D3vil5ro53
    Platform: Android
    Invasion Official Account Username: D3vil5ro53
    Beta Version: 1.20.6(24948)
    Real Game Version: 1.1.8(23612)
    Description of Problems & Bugs: On the web page you can claim your code for promotion. But when you click on send code to email the numbers changes from 50k to 1k. Both numbers go up but witch number is correct the lower one or the higher one that has more shares? I think there is a error in the php code.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	code.jpg 
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ID:	77

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    Only one code
    You should give less rewards but have a new code like each 12h or each 24h

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    Thread closed!

    The error in the code has been fix.

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    ;) one code can only be used in one account, and one account also can only use one code, this is for the fairness among all gamers, u know. Thank you for your feedback though and we will keep up the good job and improve all the time.

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