Once I awoke, I saw a girl in my eyes. She took my hand and led me about. She showed my a scene of blood and dust. So much it made my eyes tear without much thought.

She smiled all the time leading by hand till she asked to go up. So on my shoulder I let her climb and before my eyes as I got up. Was a unicorn standing proudly and steady. But it corn I noticed was stained red in blood.

She ask me to follow a path and so I did. This lead to trees that were petter than any dream. A soft pink leaf with red veins leading in to it heart. The girl told me it fed up on blood.

Again she pointed at a pond. As I walked I saw a face a women young and beyond fine. It eyes seemed to catch mine, but before I got close the girl snap me away telling me it would lay it eggs in me.

She then told me that this all was a dream but one that I could not leave. Every time I sleep I will drift farther into this fate. What insanity has taken me?