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Thread: Invasion Best Mentor Registration

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    I'll enter
    Zone 19

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    I would like to register me to be an Mentor

    LittleBoy Mohave #4

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    I would like to enter
    In game name: DragonPriest
    Zone: 27

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    Guys, to enter you need to go to the link to apply if you meet all the requirements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach View Post
    Guys, to enter you need to go to the link if you meet all the requirements.
    Thank you

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    Hey everyone!

    I've been known by a couple names in zone 13: MONGER and MercForHire. I've been in the zone from the beginning and have made a pretty good name for myself. I've become the default go to guy for players having issues or needing questions answered. Considering that there are very few players in zone that can say they HAVEN'T been attacked by me, that's pretty impressive.

    I started off in the governing guild, WAR MACHINE, and quickly rose to leadership ranks. We didn't really have specific roles for anyone to fulfill and any R4 was just as important and input as valuable as the next. However, because my work (bar) and school schedule allows me the freedom to be available a lot of time, I became the point of contact for players needing information or requesting anything from the government.

    A couple of the founding leadership stopped playing and a new governor took over. I disagreed with the direction things were going and the blatant disregard for game mechanics and welfare of players forced me to leave the guild and go solo. I formed a mercenary guild.

    While I have attacked players and guilds for payment, the best part of going out on my own is having the ability to switch between guilds at will (my alt I have set to R5 of the mercenary guild). I haven't had to worry about politics or duties getting in the way of assisting others.

    I've held impromptu "classes" in zone chat explaining stuff to newer members, and I feel that the average player in zone 13 is way more knowledgeable than any other zone's average player. I've been able to talk to players that were on the verge of quitting in frustration and they are now multi million power players still active in the game.

    I've had an invite extended to me from just about every guild in zone 13 and when I said in zone chat that I applied for this there was support.

    I'm currently over 20 million damage and destruction points, highest for our zone, yet am not hated. Just about everyone has been a target of my army at some point.

    I'm interested in this and please take a look at me.


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