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Thread: XxChazyGalxX's views on the War Simulator

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    XxChazyGalxX's views on the War Simulator

    (These are just my thoughts and opinions, and are no way endorsed by developers at Tapjoy, Invasion, nor are they in any way intended to convey offence to the humble Duck-Billed Platypus, or platypi fans anywhere)

    Fickle, like the female platypus during mating times, rewarding like a cold beer after a long day, and as frustrating as getting a straight answer from a 15 year old girl..... the war simulator. Found in MORE -> WAR SIMULATOR. It also pops up on base viewscreen when free uses are ready.

    Takes Simulator Chips to run [SMC].

    As the icon suggests, this is a gambling machine, and I am sure your parents warned you about the danger of gambling.

    I imagine it works on a dice roll system, [your roll + all research and experience] versus [computer roll + prize level boosts + higher level unit boosts]

    As with most dice systems, there is a way to instantly win with a top natural roll, and fail with a natural roll of 1. You can also resupply 6 times for 250 SMC on normal mode, more in high mode.

    It is important to note that many times you do not need to resupply the max of 1250SMC to win the battle. This is the max SMC cost to win.

    Be lucky, but be strategic.

    Look ahead at the value of the prizes. Is it worth paying 4000SMC to get an 8 hour speedup at the sixth prize position, plus diamonds and lesser speedups on the way?

    Oh yes!

    Sometimes it might even let you off, and make you pay 1,000SMC across the first 3 prizes then let you run onto the last prize for free. If that last prize is good, pay the 6 resupply cost and get it. If not be happy with the 1 hour speedup or bundles of 10 minute speedups on lesser prizes.

    A prize board of resources you already got loads of?

    Well this girl aint paying any SMC for that!

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