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  • [Zone 01] THE DADDY

    206 21.30%
  • [Zone 01] aFader

    92 9.51%
  • [Zone 03] sniper

    6 0.62%
  • [Zone 04] D3vil5ro53

    22 2.28%
  • [Zone 05] STiX

    185 19.13%
  • [Zone 06] Cryptoagent

    42 4.34%
  • [Zone 07] Consigliere

    33 3.41%
  • [Zone 10] WhyYouRaging

    38 3.93%
  • [Zone 11] WOLF Crook

    121 12.51%
  • [Zone 13] MONGER

    17 1.76%
  • [Zone 13] TATTOO

    70 7.24%
  • [Zone 14] xxSTRYKERxx

    1 0.10%
  • [Zone 16] RomeoMarkee

    8 0.83%
  • [Zone 17] Sergio21 WBR

    2 0.21%
  • [Zone 18] XxCtessexX

    19 1.96%
  • [Zone 19] lukethegray

    19 1.96%
  • [Zone 21] fung yuen

    9 0.93%
  • [Zone 24] HDN Reaper

    39 4.03%
  • [Zone 27] Power Rizing

    31 3.21%
  • [Zone 28] shiro

    7 0.72%
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Thread: Invasion Best Mentor VOTE!!

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    Lightbulb Invasion Best Mentor VOTE!!

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    Invasion Best Mentor event: the first round of registration has ended, and the second round of voting has officially started! Thank you all for your participation. A total of 156 players have registered into this event, and 20 of them have been selected as the best mentor candidates.This poll will close on June 26th, 2015 12:52 pm GMT. If you cannot vote please change the forum display mode as "full site" at the bottom of the forum page.

    Details about Invasion Best Mentor Contest:

    Their basic info is as follows:

    IGN Zone# Guild Name Power Entry Announcement
    THE DADDY 1 Side by side (sbs) 15000000 I have played this game since it came out I have vast knowledge I help alot of gamers in zone 1 and await the challenges best mentor brings
    aFader 1 God of Death 31729541 Hello aFader here, and I'd like to be one of the five Invasion best mentors. I have an immense amount of love and dedication for this game. I started playing in February when the game was released for IOS. I've been playing every day since. I pretty much get along with everyone in my zone and like to hold conversations to get to know everyone. As diplomat for the number 1 guild in my zone, I try my best to make sure that everyone is abiding by the in-game rules and I try to communicate to people to make sure they understand these rules. I believe that at least one of these Best mentors should be in zone 1, and if I were chosen I'd give everything I got to see this game improve for the best in every aspect you can think of. So please vote for me, it would be greatly appreciated.
    sniper 3 dmw 23500000
    D3vil5ro53 4 [BAD] Destroyers 33000000 I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.
    STiX 5 [AB~] AfterBirth 33888705 Hello Tap4Fun I am glad to see that you have added this new contest. As a Veteran player of Kings Empire (StixnStonezz, Dubai63, FreePal, Benito1895, SuperKen007 accounts) and now of Invasion (STiX account) I am glad to participate in this contest. I believe that my profile as a player corresponds very well to the description you made of a mentor. I have been moderator for Tap4Fun in Kings empire and speak English, French and Spanish, which helps me have a much better capacity to help newer players whether they are my guild or not. I'm a very diplomatic person too and always try my best to sort out conflicts through discussions and not straight out to war. I have great relationships with many players throughout the game and not only in my zone. I try to be a step ahead of everyone by discovering all the different aspects of the game and learning all tips and tricks to become the best knowledgable player. I also check out what happens in other zones and keep updated through Facebook page or the game forum. I'm also often in contact with Tap4fun customer service to let them know when something is not right or just to try and stay informed as best as I can. I believe that without training/coaching new and existing players, the game would not be as good as it is now. Players need guidance when they join and I believe that it is our duty as veteran players to help them in that sense. To start off with I was R4 in FFR4Life and then Wolfpack, but since they had grown to be great guilds, I decided it was time I was a mentor for my own people as an R5 and I try my best to make people enjoy this great game. My guild Afterbirth, Was created only a month ago in zone 5 which is a very hard zone to play in and we are already 300 mil power and top 5 guild. I'm always looking to recruit new players to help them become the best they can and it makes the game environment much more interesting for both sides. Being at war and fighting is clearly a big aspect of the game but if players were not coached then the fun would only last a small period of time. I push players to be good at all aspects of the game and even try and get them to spend to sustain their growth and support Tap4fun Who does a a great job at bringing us a daily entertainment. If ever I was to be named Mentor, I would work as hard and even harder to keep this game alive and make it a fun place for people to come enjoy their free time. thank you for taking my application into consideration ! Yours truly, STiX.
    Cryptoagent 6 War Tactics 101 17300000 Mentor Cryptoagent online and ready to serve you.
    Consigliere 7 [^FW] Feared Wolfpack 16667824
    WhyYouRaging 10 The Next Evolution 6627220 My goal is to keep server friendly and help make the game more enjoyable for everyone.
    WOLF Crook 11 WolvesOfOpymps 13110079
    MONGER 13 WAR MACHINE, Mercenary Guild 19000000 I've helped countless players in zone 13 and have the reputation of being very knowledgeable and the iteration to
    TATTOO 13 eMPIRE 19400000
    xxSTRYKERxx 14 A0W 6880108
    RomeoMarkee 16 GT Legends 11000000 i have years of experience in Tap4Fun games
    Sergio21 WBR 17 Asylum United 7000000
    XxCtessexX 18 Order's Realm 88425548
    lukethegray 19 Asylum Legion 1796217 I was in asylum in zone 8 as an R4, we were rank 3 for a time. Then I was an R4 in asylum in zone 11 which is now rank 2 but was rank 1 and this is subject to change very soon. I was the governor of zone 15 in Asylum Reloaded but relinquished leadership to BUCUTHEGREAT. I am currently the governor of Zone 19 "Scottsdale" governed by Asylum Legion. I absolutely love this game and try to help as many people as I possibly can. I teach my members the rules of the game and how to not bully others. I would love to be considered a "Mentor" and will continue to play this game as much as I can every day. It's not just the gameplay but the amazing people who play it. Thank you for your time
    fung yuen 21 Yoman 5941380 寧可站著死!不願跪著勝!
    HDN Reaper 24 Jet Planes 2200000 Pick me im active everyone in game respects me and I don't abuse power
    Power Rizing 27 Dark UpRizing 4446226 I was a very avid player in GOW. I have alot of experciene. I wad a 2 bil account their. I can show people how to grow. I belive this game will be way better.
    shiro 28 MeR 1600000 It's not the matter the person who needs help is from which alliance or which region when they needs help I always make mail helping them grow faster also I try them grabbing on LINE app so I can explain better I only wanna be bets mentor cause I wanna help in development as always I have helped in past too XD just curious how it will go

    If you support them, please vote for them (each person can only vote once). Voting deadline is June 26th, 2015 12:52 pm GMT. During the voting process, you can cheer for them to post in the thread and ask others to vote for them, their fate lies in your hands!

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    Thank for considering me
    Vote for me I will do all I can to help make this game and your experience better

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    Thankies for considering me in guys as always I am not hungry for title and only want to help developers with giving some cool new idea and features as I always did since I was playing it from first ever beta XD and I am experienced player for playing it since so long and participating in all beta test XD I wish to become best mentor thankies and my name there is shiro from zone 28 XD in others zone 1 and 6 I have played and known as Mikoto

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    Thank you t4t considering me as candidate
    This game is all our game and we all want to make it better I will be just your mouth and words and ideas
    I was administrator and version manager in other games so I guarantee I will represent you guys with my best effort

    Thanks for support in advance
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    Jun 2015
    Ontario, Canada
    I vote for HDN Reaper, He has been a very diplomatic and fast growing player. As he says he is not abusive and encourages player participation. Cheers MaximusFun Zone24

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    Vote Cryptoagent

    Vote for Cryptoagent Server 6. Very respectable player, very knowledgeable of the game, and is always willing and available to help, regardless of guild affiliation or level. I believe these qualities are expressly representative of the Best Mentor program. I ask all on Server 6 to please consider also voting for Cryptoagent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikoto View Post
    Thankies for considering me in guys as always I am not hungry for title and only want to help developers with giving some cool new idea and features as I always did since I was playing it from first ever beta XD and I am experienced player for playing it since so long and participating in all beta test XD I wish to become best mentor thankies and my name there is shiro from zone 28 XD in others zone 1 and 6 I have played and known as Mikoto
    Mikoto! I know you from test flight server!

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    Thank you for selecting me on the mentors competition.
    For me its not that important to win this as the regonisation from the developer feels as great as it can get. I will continue to help in my zone 4 and all other zones i passivly participate.

    Thank you all and good luck on the competition.

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    Can't find the Voting buttons. All what I see is the list of candidates.

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    Thank you very much to have the opportunity to become the best mentor. And great luck to everyone who has the same opportunity!

    Best Regards,

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