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    Question User-Owned Chatrooms

    I want to see fully functioning user-created and owned chatrooms. They can be created by anyone and can have names for the chatroom so users can find it. It can also be used as a type of global chatroom or a zone chatroomd ue to the fact that there are no moderators in all or at least most servers. The chatroom administrators and moderators could moderate the chat to avoid excessive conflict such as cursing, especially since the current chat filter is easily bypassed.

    There used to be games that used this type of chatroom and they were very successful because of it.
    Instead of using your zone's chat you could create chatroom and have the people you are talking to, join the chatroom.
    Useful chatrooms normally consist of these things: Chat(obviously), moderators and/or administrators in two levels(sometimes three for co-owner, etc.), and of course, the users.

    Punishments would include: Silence(Silenced user is not able to chat for preset times or permanently until lifted by a moderator or an admin), Ban(Banned user can not re-join chatroom until unbanned by an admin; can only be banned and unbanned by an admin), Kick(Kicked user is removed from the chatroom but can re-join), and Owner-Ban(Only the chatroom Owner may use the Owner-Ban punishment, and only the Owner can disable the Owner-Ban).

    User levels: Banned, Silenced, User, Moderator, Administrator, Co-Owner**, Owner.
    Punishment levels: Owner-Ban(Can only be lifted by Owner), Ban, Silence, Kick.
    Powers; Moderators: Silence, Kick., Administrators: Ban, Silence, Kick, Promote Users to Moderators., Co-Owner: Ban, Silence, Kick, Promote Users to Moderators and Administrators., Owner: Owner-Ban, Ban, Sikence, Kick, Promote Users to Moderators, Administrators, and Co-Owners.

    I suggested the Owner-Ban because people do not cooperate accordingly at times.
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    Well, if you don't know, the new update that is coming tomorrow includes group chatting. I don't remember if it includes that many permissions and ranks, but you're able to add select people to it.
    I do really like your other idea though. It kind of removes people from using Line or other messaging systems which would keep people on Invasion longer.
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